About Me

Camille Couch

Camille Couch

I own a counseling and consulting company in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The name of my company is Camille Couch Counseling and Consulting.

My undergraduate degree is in Training and Development. After obtaining my degree in 1983, I worked in my field of study. I trained, managed and consulted for a number of different international companies I owned and that were owned by others. I taught and managed others to teach numerous skills in various areas; stress management, sales, management, marketing,computers, relationship building, supervision, decision making, time management, communication, conflict resolution, and various technical trainings.

In 1999, after moving to Idaho Falls, I went to Idaho State University to pursue my degree in the field of Mental Health Counseling. In 2002, I obtained my degree as a Mental Health Counselor. I continued doing some work in the field of training and development along with seeing clients in therapy. I work with individuals, couples and families dealing with a wide range of mental health issues. I started my own practice in 2007.

Some people never merge their passion with their work. I have had the unbelievable privilege of having two passions develop into my profession. I believed that, at some point, I would combine training and development with what I have learned in my Counseling profession. Now is the time for the merger. In my new retreat business, I will be operating the company using my consulting hat. I will be utilizing a number of the techniques I have used or developed in my Counseling Practice, but will not be diagnosing participants.

I am excited to share this new journey. I believe all of us can live a more healthy, fulfilling and peaceful life. Continually, I am on the front row of watching the Greatest Show On Earth. I see positive change in individuals, couples and families that have real short and long term ramifications. Those positive changes will not only affect those in the here and now, but generations to come. I expect the retreat will offer similar and long lasting changes.